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Gilded Round Gear Clock

Gilded Round Gear Clock

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Yosemite Home decor presents a collection of an Open Gear Wall Clocks. Main feature of all items in this collection are decorative moving gears, powered by two AA batteries. Additional separate AA battery is required for clock mechanism. Sophisticated design combines timeless classics and modern trends. Several contrasted finishes and layers of textures make open Gear Wall Clocks a statement and focal point well suiting to wide array of styles. The heavy rubbed gold frame of the Gilded Round Gear Clock is combined perfectly with a cream and beige clock face and black Roman numerals. Each numeral seems to have a frame of its own as the frame extends over the glass face. The minimal use of golden exposed gears underneath the black hands balance the steampunk element creating a fantastic statement in any decor.
- Item Weight (lb) : 13.2
- Dimensions : 25H X 25W X 4.6D
- Material : Metal
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